What to expect & why

A unique perspective

Some people think I’m a bit quirky (or weird). I think it’s a gift looking at things differently. I don’t try to think outside the box because I live outside the box - the box is my neighbour. I wave to it in the morning when I fetch the paper. My brain comes up with all kinds of exciting ideas (often at 2am - mental popcorn anyone?). Growing up in North Africa and Indonesia led to an interesting, nomadic childhood. I’ve had interesting experiences that have made me open-minded and culturally aware. Comes in very handy when doing business internationally.


Moving country every three years from the age of two meant I had to stop being a painfully shy child. It became apparent pretty quickly, that if you were shy you had no friends. I had to learn how to network and make friends while I was still playing with Barbies and thanks to this can establish a rapport quickly and easily, with all types of people, regardless of their background (and often language). Packing up and moving regularly meant I had to acclimatise to new conditions pronto, so I have a chameleon-like ability to adapt to all situations (useful in a PR crisis).

Professionalism & results

I’ve been in PR more than a decade, dappling in advertising and marketing along the way. Slaving away in the agency world teaches you discipline and dedication, oh and you better deliver. I’ve worked for the largest PR agency in WA, as well as a number of reputable smaller ones. They’ve all provided me with great opportunities to cultivate my skills and master my craft. They also inspired the creation of Hat Trick, where the philosophy is centred on client relationships and creative solutions, delivered in a personable, honest way. Let’s be friends. 

Attention to detail

I am a painful perfectionist and have a touch of OCD. I have my mother to thank (blame) for both of these qualities. Everything absolutely has to be perfect and just to make sure, I’ll obsessively check every element, more times than I care to think about*. I’m also not happy with a slap-dash approach and will only present the very best work. Put simply, you do not get closer attention to detail from anyone other than an OCD perfectionist.
*probably ten


By now, hopefully you’ll get a sense that I’m a straight talker with nothing to hide. Oft called an ‘over-sharer’ (OMGTMI) I think it’s an indicator of an up-front and honest person. I’m not a fan of BS and disingenuous people. I’m rubbish at posturing (equally unskilled at poker). This means you’ll just get good old-fashioned, honest work from a direct, authentic person. And hopefully some laughs along the way.

From the Director's mouth


Writing, singing, drawing, theatre and dress-ups take my fancy in a big way. In my spare time I arrange costume parties for friends and torture my husband with Sing Star. I’m also a karaoke regular (because you just can’t beat 80s classics in front of a live audience). All of these things combined make for good improvisation skills, a positive, fun attitude and a rampant creative streak. It also means I don’t take myself too seriously. Professional doesn’t have to equal boring.

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